At90usb arduino projects

At90usb arduino projects

Working with the AT90USBKey Hackaday

Below is a list of known public LUFA powered projects, which all use the LUFA library in some way. Arduino Uno and Leonardo, official Arduino boards.

At90usb arduino projects

Arduino USB HID Keyboard - MitchTech MitchTech

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At90usb arduino projects

Cool uses for Arduino - ePanoramanet

Intro: Turn your Arduino into a Magnetic Card Reader! Everyone has used a card reader, I believe. I mean, who carries cash these days.

At90usb arduino projects

Development Board for AT90USB162 - SparkFun Electronics

Mikatech Atmel MCU reverse engineer list: Adds support for the AT90USB microcontrollers in 64pin Atmel AVR Atmega328 28.

At90usb arduino projects
AT90USB MIDI-USB Controller download SourceForgenet
At90usb arduino projects

Added BT support on AT90USB devices 7b556d2e

A kegerator controller based off an Arduino, It is especially intended for new media art projects involving electronics firmware microcontroller at90usb atmel.

At90usb arduino projects

AVR STK500 V20 USB ISP Programmer :: Solarbotics

AT90USB1287 In Production. The Pro boards to be interfaced with standard Arduino allows quick evaluation of AVR microcontrollers and the AT90USB.

At90usb arduino projects

Atmel AVR128 Computer Engineering Computer

AVRUSB162 board provide the basic circuit necessary to work with AT90USB162 USB connector and circuit, external power supply if your circuit require more power.

At90usb arduino projects

megaAVR Microcontrollers - Atmel

USB: Virtual Serial Port This code implements a virtual serial port, which is compatible with terminal emulators and programs that perform serial communication.

At90usb arduino projects

Getting Started with the Teensy - learnsparkfuncom

SparkFun Electronics. Sharing Ingenuity. and it seems like either the PIC or AT90USB would be the easiest option for whipping up a program real quick.

At90usb arduino projects


Projects G Groups S Snippets Help Added BT support on AT90USB devices Serial port 0 is still used by the Arduino bootloader regardless of this setting.

At90usb arduino projects

AT90USB microcontroller Issue #187

Atmel AVR128. Uploaded by Naveen Arduino boards can be used with its language and IDE The OpenCores website lists the following major AVR clone projects.

At90usb arduino projects

SparkFun Electronics View topic - Fastest transfer

AT90USB Key. The AT90USBKey is made by Atmel as a demo board to show off the functionality of the at90usb1287. If you are willing to hack the hardware.

At90usb arduino projects


Download or Read Online eBook atmel c code examples in PDF Format From The Best Online source code repositories contain software projects that already implement.

At90usb arduino projects - Microcontrollers MCUs - Atmel

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